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So many GAA players are just guessing what they are doing  in the gym. Their either not sure what exercises to do, how to do them or how many sets and reps they should be doing. So many follow generic body building program designed to purely make you bigger but in this case bigger may not mean better. Yes we may want muscle growth but it must be specific to your sport. There are big differences in the exercises, reps and set that should be done in the off-season Vs pre-season Vs in-season. A sport specific strength program are exercises picked to mimic and reinforce movements for that sport.

Pre Season

What is the Pre Season? The Pre season period (not taking covid into account) for me would be when collective training resumes right up to a couple of weeks before championship. This would include, for most clubs, some form of league or competitive playing time. During this period there are a couple of main targets to try hit.

  1. Condition your body, with the right exercise and nutrition, so that you are in the best shape possible heading in to the ‘In Season’.
  2. Build up the relevant muscle and lung endurance capacity to last a full 60/70 minutes.
  3. Perform gross multidirectional movements that reinforce the correct movement patterns for your sport.
  4. Introduce some power and plyometric movements of which you will progress throughout the ‘In Season’.
  5. Find a healthy balance between strength training and your collective training.
  6. Implement efficient recovery strategies to get full benefit from all training sessions.

In this program you will hit all these targets while looking and feeling ready for the championship season.

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