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So many GAA players are just guessing what they are doing  in the gym. Their either not sure what exercises to do, how to do them or how many sets and reps they should be doing. So many follow generic body building program designed to purely make you bigger but in this case bigger may not mean better. Yes we may want muscle growth but it must be specific to your sport. There are big differences in the exercises, reps and set that should be done in the off-season Vs pre-season Vs in-season. A sport specific strength program are exercises picked to mimic and reinforce movements for that sport.

Off Season

The off season is a great time to build that foundational strength in preparation of pre season training. If you feel week in the tackle, if you feel you should be faster than you are, if your not strong in the rook (apologies for the rugby term), if you keep getting niggly injurie throughout the season or if you just want to get your body in the condition that it needs to be in so that you can become a more powerful athlete then this is where you need to start.

To become a powerful athlete you must have a good underlying strength so you can progress to more explosive movements, you must have your joints primed and ready for the aggressive changes of direction of your sport and you must have that core stability to withstand the heavy impacts of  the season ahead.

Achieve this and it’s been a good off season.

This program will do just that. It will be tailored to your ability and goals giving you the best and safest way to maximize your strength training.

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