Couch to 5k Program


What’s included:

  • Full incremented running plan  – to progress you gently to your 5k goal
  • Strength training program – twice a week to prevent injury and improve running posture.
  • Recommended recovery strategies – don’t just rest, Recover.


If you have an ambition to get up off that couch an run a 5k then this program is specifically designed to make sure you achieve this and achieve it safely. Most people when they start running are doomed to fail from the start. Generally speaking they either give up or are forced to stop due to injury. This because they don’t have a plan to progress them gently through their training, they don’t do any strength training to prevent injury and they don’t have any recovery strategies so that they fully recover from their training sessions.

This program isn’t just a running program it is a full plan from you running to your strength training to your recovery. Don’t set yourself up for failure, set yourself up to succeed.

What’s Included:

Full incremented running plan – this is designed over a 6 week period but everyone progresses differently so it can be tailored for different fitness levels.

Strength training program – the strength training program is 2 sessions a week of home exercises. the exercises are selected to prevent injury and improve posture so you become a more efficient runner.

Recommended recovery strategies – a full list of recovery strategies and suggestions. Don’t just rest, Recover.

Equipment Needed

For the strength program you will need a few small bits of equipment.

  • Mini Band
  • Resistance Band
  • Kettlebell
  • Foam Roller

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