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Durrow Gym - Core Health & Fitness Cardio

At Core Health & Fitness we pride ourselves on the standard of our machines. We have state of the art Life Fitness treadmills and stationary bikes. We also have top of the range Concept 2 rowing machines and the very best Free Motion elliptical machines.
All of these machines are easy to use and come with built in programmes to increase the variety of your experience while catering to all your fitness requirements.


Free Weights Durrow Gym - Core Health & Fitness

The free weights section that we offer will cater for the training novice and the experienced weight lifter. We have a power cage and a half rack complete with a full set of Olympic plates.

There is also a full range of dumbbells ranging from 1kg to 40kg.

Durrow Gym - Strength Machines

In the strength machines section we offer top of the range Realleader USA fully commercial dual core machines which will cover a full body workout all with 90kg stacks this will suit all strengths and abilities.

Rip 60 - Core Health & Fitness Durrow Gym

Innovative Education
Integrating both on and off strap movements, the Rip:60™ Education delivers a unique, high calorie-burn workout.
The sequencing also utilizes functional training with push, pull, trunk and lower body methodology, working each side equally. This also allows for ample recovery time and faster results.

Optimization Zone
Each workout offers a beginner, intermediate and advanced position. Extreme body angles create a more intense, challenging workout while smaller angles make the workout easier. If you feel fatigued during your last few reps, simply adjust your angle and keep moving!
By changing your workout intensity during those last vital seconds, you’ll maximize your calorie burn and increase your overall strength!

Suspended Rotation
The secret to Rip:60™ Training is suspended rotation. Your body is forced to stabilize and balance throughout your workout so you engage more muscle and constantly engage your core with every move.