Injury Clinic

“I believe that an injury of any kind is a set back, but it’s also an opportunity to readjust your goals take a step back and come back stronger than before.” Ross Young

Here at the Ross Young Injury Rehabilitation clinic I believe in not just getting you better but better than you were before your injury. Here you have access to a highly trained Physical Therapist with qualifications in Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy, a huge background in Strength and Conditioning and a wide range of manual and electrical therapies to help reduce pain as soon as possible. You also have access to a top class strengthening facility to help you recover and be stronger than before.

“When I qualified I worked in South Orange, New Jersey in Seaton Hall University with a range of basketball, baseball and swimming to name a few. Over there they really believed in using the rehabilitation and strengthening exercises to increase not just strength but also mobility and pain free range of motion. It was here I witnessed the great results to get the athletes not just back from injury but performing better than before.”