Fit For Life

Who is this class for?

This is a strength and conditioning class for the active older community who wish to better their quality of living with regards to how they feel and move. If you struggle to get in and out of a chair or up and down stairs then this class will make all these, what should be easy tasks, easy again. If you find these and other similar day to day tasks increasingly difficult then don’t just put down to “getting old”, we don’t buy into that type of thinking at all, it’s just something you need to work on but I can be improved.    


What will this class do for me?

The primary goal of this class is to increase strength, coordination, balance and mobility. Strength training as we get older is vitally important. Many people perceive the gym to be for healthy young active people. However as we get older our muscles naturally start to waste away, that’s part of life, however strength training is the key slowing this process down, even stopping it. 
Stick Mobility