Core Nutrition - Pro+

Core Nutrition - Pro+

The Pro+ plan gives you all the benefits of Core Nutrition Pro along with the added value of a tailored Online Training Plan. This is the ultimate package for anyone looking to make real sustainable changes to their body composition, as it combines the advantages of our nutrition plan with the quality of our training plans.

What it includes?


  • A fully tailored nutrition plan.
  • Weekly food planner.
  • Full recipe book. 
  • 6 Week Calorie Tracker.
  • Weekly check-ins.
  • 24/7 WhatsApp or email support.

Online Training

  • 6 weeks online training plan.
  • Workouts updated every 2 weeks.
  • Video links to all exercises.
  • Bonus workouts videos.
  • Stretching, foam rolling & mobility videos.

Who is this for?

  • If you have a specific goal in mind and require the nutritional and training assistance to help you achieve this.
  • If you struggle to keep motivated to exercise.
  • If you struggle with portion sizes and feel you don’t know what is ‘healthy’ any more.
  • If you struggle with meal and snack ideas.
  •  If you struggle to hit your macronutrient targets on a regular basis.
  • If you’d like to be held accountable so you build good habits.


Then this plan is for you.

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Core Nutrition Pro