Body Analysis Assessment

Step 1

Stand onto our top of the range Tanita scales. The Tanita scales will do so much more than just take your weight. It will also measure the following:

  • Body Fat (%) – The percentage fat in your body.
  • Body Fat (kg) – Weight of fat in the body.
  • Muscle Mass (kg) – The weight of muscle in the body.
  • Bone Mass – The weight of bones in your body.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) – This is a height to weight ratio
  • Basel Metabolic Rate (BMR) – The amount of calories your body uses per day in a rested state.
  • Metabolic Age – This compares your BMR with the average of one’s chronological age group.
  • Body Water (%) – The percentage of water contained in your cells.
  • Visceral Fat – This is the amount of fat stored in the abdominal cavity.

Step 2

We sit you down and go through what all the results mean and where we would expect somebody of your height, age and gender to be at.

Step 3

We discuss your nutrition. We go through your day and what foods you would normally eat. We then give you options for better food choices so that you achieve your goal.

Step 4

We design you a fitness program that will hit all the aspects of fitness that you will need.

Step 5

Put it all into action!